Travis Greer, Actor

Travis was recently interviewed on KKZZ radio on the Women Talk, Men Don't Listen program hosted by Lyn and Cyn. Now you can listen to the interview here on line. Read about it on his blog!

Travis Greer, a member of the Screen Actors Guild and a working actor since 2000, utilizes the skills learned through professional training and improvisational theatre to bring life to his characters and enjoyment to his audience.

Travis Greer photo Casting directors appreciate his versatility and flexibility in roles. His youthful appearance and athletic build allows him to play characters ranging in age from early 20's on up, while his teaching talent helps him "hold his edge" when stretching into new characters.

Represented by the AVO Talent Agency (phone 323.677.2890), Travis has been cast in a variety of roles over the years, including a leading part as Rusty Griswold (alongside Chevy Chase and Beverly d'Angelo) in Hotel Hell Vacation. His commercial work includes TV advertisements for AT&T (as the brewmeister), Best Buy, Southwest Airlines, and most recently, the humorous Gillette ad Mullet Nation, in which he plays the unsuspecting recipient of an '80s haircut.

In addition to screen work, Travis is Directing Manager of the Ventura Improv Company, an improvisation theatre, which allows him to continually hone his acting skills.

Travis remains dedicated to his craft as he continues his quest for his next great role, a role that both challenges and inspires. If you're seeking a professional actor able to handle a wide variety of roles, contact Travis.